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Effective August 17, 2024 - the National Association of Realtors (NAR) requires that real estate agents sign a written buyer representation agreement with buyers before showing them properties. This agreement must be signed before any in-person or virtual tours.


Step by step

Step 1: The Mortgage professional

To know how much home you can afford means speaking to a mortgage professional. The mortgage pro will verify your employment, income and debt-to-income ratios and determine what you could be pre-approved for.

Need help with down payment and closing costs? The mortgage pro can guide you in getting assistance.

Step 2: the real estate professional

The buyer's consultation is the key to success! The real estate professional should review the legal and closing process with you so that you are comfortable in entering in to a legal contract.

This is typically where agents fail and cause you much distress. Do not bypass this step.

Step 3: the home search

The time has come to view homes that meet your criteria and within your pre-approved budget with your real estate agent.

Have fun with it!

Step 4: The closing process

The mortgage closing process can be as short as 21 days to as long as 45 days. Typically this is a 30-day time frame.

(This does not apply to a cash purchase.)

the closing Costs

Who Pays For What?