Corporate Legal and Real Estate Services

Ms. Fitzgerald is skilled in providing a range of corporate legal and real estate services as the Administrator of the Legal and Real Estate department in the oil and gas industry while reserving legal advice and certain activities for attorneys.

‘Legal delivery is no longer about high-priced firm lawyers billing countless hours to solve legal challenges. It is about integrating necessary expertise and leveraging it with appropriate resources – technological and “right-sourced” human ones – to solve personal and business challenges efficiently cost effectively, holistically, and measurable.’ Forbes Magazine

Texas real estate license #521506 with 20 years experience in residential, land, and commercial sales and leases

Legal and Real estate Administrator

Real Estate

Provide commercial real estate services as a Texas licensed real estate agent for US based corporations with international reach.

Scope of work includes but is not limited to

  • Oversee medium to large real estate portfolio
  • Commercial sales, lease, and sublease experience including land, office, and industrial
  • Negotiate lease renewals as well as terminations
  • Ability to liaison with commercial real estate advisors on corporate moves and/or new developments
  • Commercial lease management includes buildings, offices, land, and portable buildings 
  • Manage corporate real estate transactions, files, and compliance
  • LOI and contract review and management
  • Troubleshoot compliance matters
  • International lease compliance and management  with experience in Latin America

Legal and real estate Administrator


Provide corporate paralegal services for US based corporations with international reach.

Scope of work includes but is not limited to

  • Merger and Acquisition skills
  • Liaison with corporate and real estate counsels, registered agents
  • Oversee legal proceedings including processing subpoena duces tecum
  • Incorporate and dissolve entities
  • Experience in Board of Director and shareholder documentation, secretary of state documentation and business license requirements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes and consents, organizational charts, director and officer appointments and resignations, and annual meetings
  • Corporate document compliance and record keeping
  • Contractor agreements, consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, and policy drafting, review, and maintenance
  • Case management and electronic filing of case documents such as pleadings, motions, and petitions
  • Process, prepare, and manage litigation case files
  • Intellectual property document review, filing. and maintenance
  • Process annual returns as well as changes in UBO, officers, directors, and legal representatives

Legal and real estate Administrator

Texas Notary Public

A Notary Public in the state of Texas with authorization to take acknowledgements, administer oaths, take depositions, and certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records.

Includes experience in processing apostille documents for international purposes.

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